Targeted advertising campaigns to lawyers & in-house legal.

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Send targeted advertising to specific partners, attorneys, general counsel and everyone in between. Segment firms by their practice management software, CLM and other tools. Surround prospects with your advertisements across Meta, LinkedIn, Google and more.

Whether solo practitioners or AmLaw 100…

FlyTech helps legal tech companies target key prospects across paid ad channels. We analyze over 1,000,000+ legal contacts so you can run targeted marketing based on intent-signals, tech stack and team size. Our proprietary data collection discovers the firms & companies that are in-market for products like contract automation, document processing and more.


Data points collected per firm


Legal profiles collected and updated weekly


Match rate of ad clicks to prospects


Channels to target prospects

Our platform is designed to find warm leads that demonstrate buying behavior so your sales team can focus their time on in-market, qualified prospects.

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Our legal targeting engine

Segment Legal Teams

Want to target Clio users? Need to find legal teams searching for document processing software? FlyTech allows you to fuel your paid advertising campaigns with the most granular targeting for legal tech companies.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Become impossible to ignore. After segmenting your ideal audience, FlyTech lets you run targeted advertising campaigns across every marketing channel. Whether its a solo practitioner or a partner at a AmLaw 100 firm – FlyTech ensures they learn about your product.

Ad Click Identification

Which prospects are showing interest in your product? Our software identifies the exact person that is clicking on your ads so you can send highly personalized followup emails.

Pipeline Generation

Build a full pipeline of qualified opportunities by targeting the right legal contact with your message everywhere they look.

How we help legal tech clients build their pipeline.
“MQLs simply appear in our CRM, and many of those have turned into some of our longest customer relationships.”
Thorben, COO
“FlyTech is the most innovative growth platform I’ve seen. They constantly implement new features to stay ahead of the status quo.”
Aarti Rishi, Marketing Manager
“By emailing the prospects that are clicking our ads, FlyTech helped us drop our cost-per-meeting by 80%.”
Greg Tapper, CEO
“The data we collected with the FlyTech team completely reinvented our sales motion.”
Jonathan Fish, CEO

Start Driving Legal Team Pipeline.

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